Printing Lids


Dear Customers, the lids (e.g. yoghurt lids) are as standard made of aluminum foil, but our printing company offers them made of alternative materials that perfectly melt into any plastic-based substrate (PE, PS, PP).
The lids made of our materials feature a high print quality and aesthetic appearance. They provide a packaging with high resistance, in particular, to mechanical damage frequently encountered in the case of aluminum lids. Liquid or greasy products and other ones requiring a tight seal, the so-called “easy-to-open”, are currently packaged into various thermoformed cups or boxes and closed with lids, most frequently made of aluminum foil. Instead, we offer plastic or “easy peel” polymer-laminated chalk overlay paper lids that seal easily.
The main advantages of the lids we offer include: better print quality and color reproduction, as well as better resistance to mechanical damage. The materials they are made of allow producers to check final products for the presence of metals.