Transparent PET

Developing our printing technology on non-absorbent plastics in the field of fast rotating packaging, we have introduced transparent PET tax boxes to our assortment. The implementation of this solution gives customers a completely new range of partially printed patches, on transparent PET of various thicknesses and any shapes. The platinums created in this way allow for a better presentation of products closed under such a lid. The possibility of displaying food products such as ice cream, salads or any cosmetic products in a closed package significantly improves the creativity of a given product on the market. The use of modern solutions in printing on a transparent material allows to achieve a very good quality of the mapped image while exposing the product enclosed in the packaging under such a lid.

The transparent PET covers offered equally high mechanical resistance to damage and barrier to gas penetration as other lids made of this material made on colored materials in bulk. The heat-sealing varnish with the “easy peel” characteristic used on the obverse of the platina allows to weld these lids with PE, PS, PP containers and does not excessively reduce the view of the exposed product.