Company machines Heildelberg has always been irreplaceable in printing, therefore, offering the highest level in printing, we decided to invest in machine Speedmaster XL 75 UV LED.


Speedmaster XL 75

  • 8-color, printing up to B2 format
  • fast service and support from Heidelberg
  • the highest print quality
  • we use LED UV printing for all types of labels



We are able to cut any label shape regardless of the type of packaging, thanks to the Koenig&Bauer Rapida 106 rotary die cutter


  • Format max B1
  • Uncompromising productivity and economic efficiency
  • Faster order changes thanks to simultaneous preparation processes
  • Leading technology from feeder to delivery
  • stacking system without DriveTronic SIS side brand
  • DriveTronic SPC simultaneous printing plate change system
  • Change of Flying JobChange orders in seconds

Paint mixing


High quality will be ensured by our paint mixing plant, thanks to which we can prepare any color quickly and precisely. The ability to accurately and repeatably simulate the print with the IGT C1-5 saves valuable time and avoids machine downtime.